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Choose one of ten different beers on tap to put into our beautifully designed 64oz.

Or, if you prefer, take home a 750ml growler of one of our two ciders.

Make Your Own Six Pack

Cant decide which beer to take home? Grab a cardboard carrier (or two) and fill it up with any of our bottled beers from our shelves.


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Ciders and Mead

Any customers who are adventurous and those gluten intolerant should give hard cider or mead a try.

Hard Cider

Hard Cider is a beverage that gained notariety in the UK but now is enjoyed allover the world. Delicious, crisp, and refreshing, hard cider is made from fermenting sweet apple cider. We always have a selection of regional or national cider brands.


Mead is one of the most ancient and widespread alcoholic beverages in world history. Althoguh it is often associated with European norse vikings, it hails from Africa and Asia as well. Complex, hearty, and ancient, mead's made from fermented honey.

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At Mo Vegas Fill Station you’ll find the best selection of finely crafted beers in the Stowe, Area.

Our assortment changes seasonally and includes Vermont region and nationally acclaimed acclaimed brews.